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Your Thoughts Are Important! – Guard Them Well

I found this quote online from a Dr. whom I greatly respect.

He has helped change my thought patterns so I look deeply at my beliefs, and change old patterns that are no longer true
for me.

Life is an ongoing process, and as long as we are continually growing and expanding, we are on the right path.

True empowerment comes when we start to look deeply at our beliefs. We may find their roots in the conditioning  of religion, culture, society, education, family, the media, and even our genes (the latter being imprinted by the sensory experiences of our current lives, as well as untold generations). Then we weigh those old ideas against some new paradigms that may serve us better.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

We are in an era of great change.

It’s really quite exciting. I have had some fantastic conversations with people over the last week or two about how they are changing old thoughts and ideas they realize don’t serve them anymore (and really, many of them never did in a positive way).

Your thoughts are the programming of your body.

Guard them.

It’s like I always tell my kids…

If you are whining and complaining (that never happens with kids does it!?) then you are going to automatically create more situations to whine and complain about.

It’s like a giant magnet is emanating from your brain.

image from www.mattwisdom.wordpress.com

And you control what is going to be attracted to you by the very thoughts that you think.

If you think life is not fair, you will get more situations of life NOT being fair.

If you think abundance is everywhere, well, put that in your magnet and just see what happens.


You have to actually believe it.

Like Dr. Dispenza says,

Our beliefs are deeply rooted.

They are the foundation of everything.

And no, this isn’t some airy fairy stuff here. It’s actually deeply rooted in modern neuroscience.

We’ll talk more about this in upcoming emails, Facebook posts, office handouts, blog posts, etc.

I have a lot of exciting things to share with you.

But for now…

Start paying attention to your thoughts.

Notice how they make you feel. Change them if you have to. If you find them disempowering, then change them!

The choice is yours.

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