Dr. Larsen and Family

You’ve wasted time going from doctor to doctor, you’ve wasted money on medications, and every day that passes you realize that you are no closer to health than when you started.


Dr. Larsen’s Patients…

  • Enjoy better performance on the job and in the gym
  • They enjoy a better flow of energy
  • They experience a reduction of the effects of stress unlike any they have experienced before.
  • They and their families have higher and better immunity against disease.
  • Enjoy a more responsive body


And you can too – 651-982-1804


I had struggled with stomach aches for about ten years.  After seeing several traditional doctors and even a naturopath and finding no relief I assumed the stomach aches were something I would have to live with.  I began seeing a dramatic change after my first visit to Dr. Larsen and now my stomach aches are virtually non-existent.  Dr. Larsen has also helped me in other areas that were chronic including overproduction of yeast in my body.  I am also able to understand my body’s needs much better since beginning to see Dr. Larsen.  I always look forward to my appointments with him because I learn something new about my body!”

Katie Vargo
St. Paul, MN
Dr. Larsen,I want to thank you for getting me back on the field and catching again! When I first went to Dr.Larsen I could not extend my knee.  After my first visit the pain was less and range of motion was better.  Dr. Larsen did a bunch of things to test my knee to see what might be effecting it.  He even found a sprained ankle from volleyball 2 years ago.Dr. Larsen is amazing!!Thank YouBrianna Bloxham


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