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Allergies and the Bucket Theory of Toxicity

For the past several years I have had very minimal “allergy” symptoms. You know, the runny nose, itchy eyes, sinus congestion, etc.

Growing up as a young child and all the way through my 20’s I was downright miserable and never really able to breathe through my nose most of the year. Allergies, definitely took their toll on me in more ways than one.

For those of you who have had these symptoms, you know how much it impacts your life.

The fatigue that can accompany the allergy symptoms can really knock a person out. After sneezing 100 mile per hour fastballs out of my mouth time after time, for even up to a minute straight, my body would get very tired. It definitely takes a lot out of you.

But even more than that for me was the inability to have conversations with people because I was always holding back a sneeze, or just so congested that I felt self conscious. It was a horrible feeling and really made me go into my shell more than I wanted to.

But, for the past 3 years or so I have been extremely good. Not perfect, but definitely up there. It has been a very odd feeling to be able to breathe through my nose!

But then  August hit and I was back to where I was for most of my life.

The congestion was back. The sneezing was back. And the itchy eyes and runny nose were back.

It was frustrating, but it forced me to really figure out what was going on so I could not only help myself, but help all the other people who come to me with allergy symptom complaints.

So let’s get down to it…

The first thing we need to understand is what an allergy truly is.

A true allergy is an abnormal reaction by your nervous system to something that is completely harmless.

These types of allergies are when people are allergic to peanuts, or shellfish, or organic wheat (without the GMO, pesticides, etc.). They have reactions where their throat closes up, they get hives, etc. This is a true reaction to the substance itself.

The “allergies” that most people call allergies, are not really allergies. Say that fast 3 times!

It’s a toxic situation.

Let me explain….

As we go through life we are exposed to thousands of man-made artificial, synthetic chemicals, and other biotoxins such as mold, lyme, etc. Our bodies are designed to deal with them, but due to the poor quality of food we have, combined with the poor choice of foods that people make, and the massive amount of chemicals we are exposed to, our bodies just can’t keep up.

So what happens?

Our bucket starts filling up.

Our bodies can’t deal with it all so they store it away. Sometimes in fat cells if it can, and other times just anywhere it can put it like in our brains, kidneys, cells, etc. This toxic burden adds up over time.

When we reach our threshold, our bucket starts to spill over creating symptoms.

In an “allergy” person, these symptoms are runny nose, itchy eyes, sinus congestion, etc.

Each of us has a different tolerance to what our bodies can handle. And, we have all been exposed to different chemicals and to different degrees.

Some people have lived in moldy homes.

Some people have been vaccinated, and some have not.

Some have been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Some people work with high powered cleaning chemicals for their job.

Some people work with pesticides.

Some people eat organic and have excellent water filtration in place such as Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Others drink city tap water with all the harmful chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceutical drugs, etc.

Some people eat foods with additives, preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics.

I think you get the point. I could go on and on and on. We are all very different in the choices we make, but we are equally different in our unique genetic susceptibilities.

Some people with the chemicals they are exposed to develop allergies, and other Parkinson’s, Cancer, Autoimmune diseases, eczema, etc.

But when we truly understand that to get back to health, we have to get back to the basics of human physiology, then everything can change for us.

Why did I have a 3 great years, then this past August was downright terrible?

It’s easy. For 3 years I was very diligent about helping my body to detoxify and cleanse at the cellular level. However, for the several months, maybe even 8-9 months prior to this past August, I had fallen off the bandwagon.

I was still feeding my body stellar nutrients on a daily basis, but I was neglecting to help my body remove the poisons that build up, hence my bucket was filling up.

Will I ever make that mistake again?

Heck no!

I have learned my lesson. My body gives me the warning signal that something is not right and it’s commonly called “allergies”. And, I am now going to be digging in a little deeper to find out why my bucket fills up so fast.

Do I have a large amount of lead in my body that isn’t fully cleared out, even when I pay more attention to detoxification? Or mercury, or some other metal?

Anything is possible.

I will post whatever answers I find on this blog, so stay tuned and check back often.

But for now, just remember that “allergies” are not normal. FOR ANYBODY.

I could have easily thought they were normal for me because I never knew life without them. I thought it was odd that people didn’t sneeze violently if they went into a barn that had hay. It seemed totally out of the question that I could ever NOT do that, but I proved it to myself that I could.

It isn’t necessarily that you are allergic to the pollen, the weeds, grass, etc. I know, I know, but you always get symptoms when those are blooming or in season. Seems pretty clear cut right?

The only reason you get the symptoms, is because your body has to process and filter more things out of the air.

In short, it has to work a little harder.

And because your bucket is so full, your digestive system so compromised, your cells so inflamed, and your nervous system is under stress, you are very close to your symptom threshold all of the time, which the pollen easily pushes you over, when the season is right.

Take the time right now to stand up. No really, do it! I want to make sure you understand this concept with active learning.

Now imagine your body filled up with poisons, all the way up to your shoulders. Over the years your body hasn’t been able to deal with it.

Now for the sake of this demonstration, imagine that once your “total toxic load” reaches your mouth is when you start to have symptoms.

Along comes pollen season, and now your body has to work that much harder.

What happens?

Your total toxic load reaches your mouth, and you start cursing the pollen.

Now imagine a different scenario…

Keep standing and imagine the poisons only filling your body up to the kneecaps. Quite a different story now. Once pollen season hits, your body still has to deal with the pollens, but it can easily take care of it all before it reaches the mouth (our symptom threshold).

And that is exactly what this article has been about.

Get on a good cellular cleansing program that rejuvenates and heals the cells at the same time that it helps the body process poisons. If you need help with this call our office. 

This is one of the most important things you can do for your health, and the future health of your family.

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