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Gluten Brain Function

Forest Lake Chiropractor – Gluten and Brain Function

Is gluten robbing you of your youth, of brain health? 2 landmark studies clearly show that gluten alters brain function. If you are a person who wants to keep young as long as possible and improve the functioning of your brain, then watch this video…     To learn more go to Larsen Wellness Center

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Minnesota Neuropathy

Minnesota Peripheral Neuropathy – Why do I have Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is a growing concern for many people. The burning, the numbness and tingling in the feet and/or hands it not something most people want to live with. But why is this problem occurring? Learn more in the following video…     To learn more go to Larsen Wellness Center  

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Brain Fog syndrome

At What Age is Brain Fog Normal?

It never cease to amaze me. On my new patient intake forms, anybody past about age 30 or 35 lists brain fog as a primary symptom. It seems the whole country has it. The people in their 30’s and 40’s don’t want it, and they ask me how to fix it. But the people in…

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Sometimes I Just Wonder

My family and I had a great day yesterday. We picked fresh vegetables from the garden and got quite the stash. Dinner last night was excellent. We had fresh green beans, fresh raw milk straight from the farm, and we made homemade pizza’s with stone ground wheat crust and fresh peppers, and onions from the garden. You just can’t…

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The Man Who Slept For 3 Days Straight

So I am talking with a patient last week and I am telling this completely amazing story of a patient that came in to see me in my first 6 months in practice. And she tells me… You have GOT to tell that story again! Send an email out or something, but it’s just so amazing not to…

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Unexpected result

Infertility: The Runaway Freight Train

I am going to bet that you know somebody, possibly several couples that are having problems having a baby. It’s absolutely out of control. Who would have thought that so many couples would be having so much troubles doing something that is vital for life? I have come across dozens of couples in the last several years with this problem. Many…

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Matt Furey and Combat Conditioning Changed My Life

I have a lot of mentors in my life, and people that have really impacted me on a profound level, but one of them in particular has been able to change my life on many different levels. I am talking about spiritual, financial, relationships, and fitness. I can honestly say that Matt Furey has changed…

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The American Healthcare System is Failing

It definitely isn’t a secret. The American Healthcare System is Failing. And it’s failing miserably. Every statistic you look at is getting worse. We have more people going to hospitals, more people being injured by hospital care, more prescription drug use than any other country, and more people with a poor quality of life (developed…

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The Power of Love

Whenever I read that phrase “The Power of Love”, I always think about the movie, “Back to the Future”. The song by Huey Lewis and the News is played throughout the movie. I know, a little older of a movie, but my 6 year old daughter loves the trilogy! So, I get to watch them from time to…

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Zero Resistance Living – Theatre of Your Mind

One of my all time favorite exercises that I learned from Dr. Maxwell Maltz of Psycho-Cybernetics fame is called the Theatre of Your Mind. I officially learned this exercise about 6 years ago when I purchased Dr. Maltz’s entire course called Zero Resistance Living. This is the course that Dr. Maltz was working on, but…

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