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5 Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Oh, the bowels, the bowels. How much trouble they cause in the “modern” human. Watch this video to learn 5 of the causes of irritable bowel syndrome…

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Digestion - Gallbladder Important

Minnesota Digestion – Why your gallbladder is important

Yes! Your gallbladder is important! You may not need it to survive, but to have a fully functional body that is able to do all its functions, you want your gallbladder. Unfortunately, way too many people are having their gallbladders removed. Why the need? Why are so many people today having their gallbladders removed? Learn…

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Allergy Injections For All

While driving in the town I live in the other day,  I saw a sign at a clinic that said: Allergy Injections performed here Tis the season Spring hits and people’s “allergies” kick in. With more pollen in the air, the body has to work harder to keep itself clean. But are injections the answer?…

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Stop Sweating Today

A number of years ago I had a young woman come into my office because the medical doctors wanted to irradiate her thyroid gland. And she wanted none of it. Her main problem was that she was diagnosed with Graves Disease, an autoimmune condition that wreaks havoc on the thyroid gland in the body. Her…

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You’re Just Used To It

About a month ago, my car finally keeled over on me. I had been driving this car ever since chiropractic school, so it was definitely time for a new one. Because I don’t just work on people, I also fix my own cars, I was able to keep it going for more years than it probably should have gone.…

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PH Testing For Vibrant Health, and Pain-Free Living

Your body’s pH is one of the most critical measurements that you can take. PH is a reflection of tissue oxygen levels, and indirectly, a reflection of mineral status. Therefore, in our era of badly depleted minerals in our soils, food, and consequently our bodies, checking your pH becomes an early warning detector that you…

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Why Do I Need Supplements?

Why do I need supplements? Did you know that you would have to eat 32 peaches in order to get the same Vitamin A from 1 peach from 1950? Yes it is true! Did you also know that there has been a 50% reduction in the antioxidants in food, in the past 25 years? True…

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Digestive Trouble and Lower Back/Leg Pain Improving with Quantum Reflex Analysis and Applied Kinesiology

With multiple surgeries under her belt, and being put through the medical wringer, Dawn finally starts to see some improvement utilizing the procedures at Larsen Wellness Center, namely Applied Kinesiology and Quantum Reflex Analysis. There is more work to do, but she is starting to be able to walk with her family and regaining function…

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Quantum Reflex Analysis Minnesota

Unleashing the Power What if there was a way your body could quickly repair a damaged organ or rejuvenate itself at an accelerated rate? What if you could regain peak mental and physical performance in spite of having been chronically ill and fatigued for years? Today, many scientists believe the secrets of regeneration and healing…

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Underarm Sweat Laser Therapy: Is It A Good Idea To Stop Sweating?

So here I was driving home yesterday and I noticed a sign for underarm sweat laser therapy. Now, this therapy is designed to get you to stop sweating. Would you think this is a good idea? I know, it can sometimes be embarrassing if you are out at a fancy dinner, or a party or…

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