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Top 10 Thyroid Tests You Need

Wow, the sheer size of the thyroid epidemic is upon us. Some estimates say that 90% of men and women age 40 and up have subclinical hypothyroidism (low thyroid). The trend is very alarming, and when I run blood tests on my patients I consistently find that they thyroid hormones are either high or low.…

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Low Thyroid Success

Low Thyroid Success Story – Hashimoto’s

It’s so frustrating for me to listen to people’s stories sometimes. They come in and tell me how they have been struggling with their health for 5, 10 years or more. And in a matter of weeks we can often have them feeling better than they’ve felt in a long, long time. Why is that?…

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The CAUSE of Low Thyroid Problems Doesn’t Matter??

It never ceases to amaze me the stories patients tell me…. Where in any area of life does it not matter what the cause of a problem is? What profession? A few weeks ago I was fixing our riding lawnmower. Now, I grew up fixing engines so it wasn’t anything new to me. But it…

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Thyroid Removed

Minnesota Thyroid – What if my thyroid has been removed?

A common question we get is from people who have had their thyroid surgically removed, or irradiated. And the question is, “What can you do for me?” Watch the following video to learn more about what can be done for thyroid health once you have had your gland removed.   For more information go to…

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