Growing Pains and Osgood-Schlatters Disease in Children

Growing pains and Osgood-Schlatters are very common and quite painful.  I remember when I was a kid about 7th or 8th grade or so starting to have pain below the knee cap.  This is commonly referred to as Osgood-Schlatter’s disease.  Since I was a basketball player, I was constantly running and jumping all the time making it worse.

I remember making remedies such as epsom salt and putting it on my leg overnight to try to help the pain.  It worked, but it wasn’t the answer to the problem. Just a band-aid.

I like treating this condition because it is usually quite easy to fix as long as the child is compliant with the dietary recommendations that are so critical to fix.  It is unnecessary for a child to suffer with this condition for months or even years.

So what is the key you may ask?

Toxicity in the digestive tract along with a disproportionate amount of bad fats (trans fats) in the diet.

So, here is what we have:

1. Consumption of a high sugar, hydrogenated fat diet.

2. Food and/or environmental allergies

3. Toxic “bugs” in the digestive tract.

4. And, nutrient deficiencies, especially minerals

The bugs in the digestive tract love high sugar, which stresses the body creating an abnormal response to various foods or environmental compounds.  High sugar depletes minerals which are vital for optimal body function.  Also, since most of our food is nutritionally bankrupt, especially in minerals, the situation is even worse.

So, we have a vicious cycle. The child eats the sugar foods, feeds the bugs in the gut, depletes minerals, which further make the bugs crave sugar.  Then, the child eats more sugar to stop the cravings. And on and on this goes.

Now, to add into the mix we have the toxic fats that are being consumed. Anything partially hydrogenated, hydrogenated or that has been heated to high temperatures. These toxic oils interfere with too many things to name here, but let’s just say this is an extremely important thing for anybody in pain to eliminate from their diet. It disrupts the normal balance of fatty acids in the body, which in a healthy balanced body inhibit inflammation.

So, the answer to this problem is to:

1. Eliminate hydrogenated oils from the diet (do the best you can, but if the child understands that they will be able to play basketball or some other sport without pain, they might be more apt to comply).

2. Get on a high quality fish oil supplement (not any of the junk in the stores).

3. Kill the pathogenic organisms in the digestive tract with the right herbal/nutrient combination (can be different for each person).

4. Get on a high quality multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement (again, not some cheap junk found in stores).

And there you have it.  This program usually works like a charm and gets to the root cause of the problem. In some cases the child will have to have an evaluation by an applied kinesiologist for specific muscle testing such as at the site of pain. When the body has been depleted long enough, changes to the muscles, tendons and ligaments occur. If this occurs, specific techniques will be needed to address the issues and return the muscles to normal function.

In the specific case of Osgood-Schlatters, the quadriceps muscles of the body are malfunctioning due to the above problems. This creates a pulling on the insertion point of the muscle just below the knee cap (see the above picture with the big bumps below the knees). Any time there is malfunction to a muscle, there will be stress placed on the attachment points. Over time if left untreated (the digestive system) the muscle actually has the ability to start pulling a chunk of bone away from the lower leg.

Don’t let this happen to your children or anybody you know. If you would like an evaluation, call the office at 651-982-1804 to schedule an initial consultation and exam, and we’ll be happy to get to the bottom of it.