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Infertility: The Runaway Freight Train

I am going to bet that you know somebody, possibly several couples that are having problems having a baby.

It’s absolutely out of control.

Who would have thought that so many couples would be having so much troubles doing something that is vital for life? I have come across dozens of couples in the last several years with this problem.

Many of them are using expensive medical drugs and procedures to get pregnant. Some have been successful, and some have not.

But what is the real cause of this major problem?

Behind every problem there is always a cause.

So far 100% of the women coming to our clinic with infertility as their main concern have gotten pregnant.

There is even one woman who I didn’t even know was struggling with infertility who also got pregnant.

This couple had been trying for years and years to conceive. They had finally given up hope of having children and she wasn’t even thinking about it when she came in for other health reasons.

She never listed infertility on her list of concerns.

But lo and behold I received an email from a very excited mother to be, stating that her and her husband had finally gotten pregnant.

She was stunned, but excited at the same time.

So again, why is this becoming such a huge problem?


Our bodies are literally loaded with more poison than most of us can imagine.

Day after day our bodies are doing their very best to survive. The average person is struggling at best.

Surviving NOT thriving.

So why on earth would a young woman’s body allow her to get pregnant with all these poisons swimming around?

It just makes sense really.

It makes sense that soooo many couples are having so much trouble.

Nature is striving to produce a really good product. Kind of hard to do when you have pesticides, mercury, lead, fungus, chlorine and god knows what else swimming around in that body.

So why then are we trying to force couples into getting pregnant with expensive medical procedures and drugs?

Seems kind of silly.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If we have fully evaluated everything going on with that person and taken the necessary steps to correct whatever problems, toxicities there may be and that person is STILL not getting pregnant, then by all means resort to other means.

But the vast majority of people are not going to need to take these drastic measures.

What they need is to get their body functioning at a much higher level.

And that brings up an interesting point.

I have seen many women who are very unhealthy get pregnant with no problem, while other women  who look extremely healthy from the outside, have difficulties.

Doesn’t seem to make much sense.

But we have to realize that how you look on the outside, and how you are feeling day to day does NOT necessarily translate into how healthy you are.

The last infertility case I had, the woman by all medical tests was extremely healthy. They could not find a single thing wrong with her.

But then I got to run MY exam….

Her brain scan (EEG) was a complete disaster showing very high stress patterns. Her brain waves were completely out of balance.

And when she closed her eyes for the resting portion of the exam, her brain went into even MORE chaos.

Next, we did the Quantum Reflex Analysis exam. We found all kinds of infections and metals like mercury and lead.

This was in a person who was thin, fit, and her husband had a good job. Not someone who you would normally think of as “sick”, “stressed” or “diseased”.

After all the testing we did, I presented her problem areas to her. I showed her the things we needed to work on.

And they….

Decided to try to do it on their own.

Three months went by and I didn’t hear from them.

Then one day we get a call. All I heard was, “It’s time, we are ready to follow your directions.”

So, we got to work.

And within 2 months they were pregnant.

It’s 2014 and all I can say is that health is tricky.

It is ridiculous what is happening to our food supply.

It is amazing the level of chemicals we are exposed to.

It is mind-blowing the amount of chemicals women put on their body EVERY morning.

And I could go on and on.

Challenging times?

You bet.

So challenging that babies don’t want to enter into our hostile environment.

And this young couple learned that it’s hard to figure this out yourself. They needed a coach, a doctor that could figure out exactly what THEY needed.

Because the reality is that every infertility case is unique. There are multiple factors involved, or that could be involved.

So if you or somebody you know is looking to Transform Your Health take action today.

Get scheduled for your new patient exam and find out what is stopping you from living your highest potential.

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