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My 6 Year Old Daughter’s Morning Routine – The Matt Furey Exercise Bible

This morning I got up, and like I always do, I made my way down to the basement to do my workout.

Each day I like to start out doing something energizing.

Nothing usually too long or strenuous, certainly not near as long as many people spend each day. I like to get my blood flowing and the oxygen pumping.

After all, this is where life comes from.

Blood and Oxygen.

Without it life isn’t going to last too long.

So I go down to the basement and I notice that my daughter, Kayla, is being kind of sneaky behind one of the couches (finished basement).

It turns out she had stolen my phone, which has a really cool exercise app on it.

It’s basically a deck of cards where each suit is a different exercise, and you end up doing the number of repetitions as the number on the card.

All face cards are 10 reps.

So here I am ready to do my workout, and my 6 year  old daughter has already beaten me to it.

She is down on the ground pumping out hindu pushups, hindu squats, table makers, and v-ups, all with excellent form.

Did I ever tell her to do this?


She did it all on her own. Now I had a workout in mind, but instead of proceeding as planned, I jumped in with her instead and we did the workout together.


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And don’t think lightly of this workout because it’s quite a killer.

52 cards with 4 different exercises is a lot of reps.

But we persevered together and had a good time.

And at the end we both felt fantastic. Energized and ready to start the day.

But our morning routine didn’t stop there.

Time to refuel our bodies with high quality, protein, fats, and essential vitamins and minerals.

So we each started the day with our IsaLean Shake packed to the gills with all the essential nutrients a highly energized and oxygenated body requires.

Did I force her to have this also?

No again!

She has been drinking these shakes willingly since she was 18 months old!

It’s our whole family’s preferred way to start the day.

Not because we HAVE to, and we know it’s good for us, but because we WANT to.

The more you get these awesome nutrients in your body, the more your body craves them.

And the more you crave them, the better your life is going to be because you are going to wake up in the morning and you just HAVE TO HAVE your shake.

The switches in your brain start to turn on.

The stagnation and the fatigue that so many people start their day with starts to be a thing of the past.

Just a few months ago, I started a young girl in her 20’s on the shakes. I gave her a few days worth of samples to try.

Well about a week later she comes back in looking like a crazed animal.

She had run out, and she needed more, like NOW!

In just the few days she had them, she felt a drastic difference in how she felt, and now, she didn’t feel that amazing energy coursing through her body anymore!

She wanted to get back to feeling amazing.

So I of course laughed, and told her I knew EXACTLY how she was feeling.

Not only have I experienced that many times, but she wasn’t the first person to come in feeling the same way.

These are the super foods that your body so desperately craves.

When you get them in your body, your brain starts to turn back on, your liver starts to do it’s job better, and you start to slow down that aging process.

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Well worth the $29 membership investment.

I have tried a lot of shakes and other kinds of super foods over the years and most of them are either full of junk ingredients, with artificial sweeteners, or… they are “healthy”, but taste terrible!

But not these. They are both highly nutritious, and they taste great.

Our family has been using them for over 6 years.

So if you’re looking to feel amazing like so many of the people I have introduced these shakes to, head on over to www.LarsenWellness.com and

Sign Up and Save.

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