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North Branch Family Finds Relief With Chiropractor Dr. Brant Larsen

Completely individualized healthcare is what I and my family have received at Health Dynamics. Dr. Larsen’s method of treatment has many times quickly pin pointed and corrected the source of problems for us.

He has been a huge help to me in dealing with a number of issues that have suppressed my immune system. From food sensitivities, removal of toxins, nutritional help, removal of emotional blocks (very cool), structural work and the list could go on and on, but you get the idea. Work in all of these areas have helped to improve my health in a very fun, and life changing way.

My youngest son had a knee injury from football that bothered him on and off for close to a year. With the work that Dr. Larsen did in one visit the knee pain has disappeared and is no longer a problem for him.

My oldest son tends to end up with a sinus infection following every cold because things just don’t seem to drain right. In a normal winter season we would have had to treat the sinus infections with antibiotics. Thanks to Dr. Larsen we were able to avoid the sinus infections this year. With his ability to clear the blockages, everything drains and we’re good to go.

Dr. Larsen was able to recommend an absolutely fabulous nutritional cleansing line of products that resulted in weight loss of 50 plus pounds for my husband.

All too often it seems that symptoms are treated, only to further confuse and complicate things, so I truly appreciate Dr. Larsen’s ability to get to the source of problems.  No matter what your health issues are, I would definitely recommend giving Dr. Larsen’s method of healthcare a try.

North Branch, MN

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