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Quantum Reflex Analysis Minnesota

Unleashing the Power

What if there was a way your body could quickly repair a damaged organ or rejuvenate itself at an accelerated rate? What if you could regain peak mental and physical performance in spite of having been chronically ill and fatigued for years? Today, many scientists believe the secrets of regeneration and healing lie not within costly medical drugs or expensive medical treatments, but in the body’s own Quantum Energy Biofield (QEB).

More than ever, it is now possible to release the body’s inherent, powerful biological quantum energy circulation matrix that is capable of speeding up renewal and regeneration in our bodies. Practitioners of QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) use the QEB as a template to define and eliminate stressors that have deactivated the body’s own potent internal healing systems for rejuvenation, endurance, vitality and longevity.

Modern medical treatments frequently underestimate the body’s magnificent internal intelligence and often end up blocking its capabilities for self healing and repair. However, a growing number of pioneer scientists, some of them Nobel Laureates, have been assiduously mapping the body’s QEB patterns associated with healing and regeneration. In the past decade, this work has progressed to a point where effective solutions are now available.

Premier Quality Nutrients

A system of safe, proven and time tested natural therapies is now available that is able to evoke the body’s own innate healing, even in the most stubborn cases where other techniques or treatments failed to provide adequate help or relief.

These healing breakthroughs incorporate the use of specially-designed nutritional supplements called premier quality concentrates derived from once-living, highly-resonant foods and nutraceutical agents that are able to help unleash the awesome healing power of your entire body, allowing it to return to the way it was originally designed to function – as a complete self-healing, self- regenerating, self-rejuvenating system.

However, to accomplish such feats, you must first understand the workings of the magnificent hierarchy of the body’s innate functioning bio-matrix – how the body’s QEB intercoordinates and controls all the body’s systems – and how you can work in harmony with this quantum biofield anatomy, not against it.

You will need to learn how to prioritize the body’s most important needs, how to nourish specific organs and glands and how to eliminate stress factors that have overwhelmed or exhausted the biofield’s potent healing energies. You will need t learn what dis-empowers as well as what empowers the QEB to keep you body in a state of vibrant health.

But Wait!

Understanding how the QEB functions is critical – but to actually experience the full power of your own healing energies is a matter of your choices and actions – especially in the way you choose your daily nourishment. Only premier quality nutrients contain Mother Nature’s most potent phytonutrients and complexes that can best keep the body’s QEB circulating microcurrent bio-matrices healthy, all systems “in sync”, with vitality and energy to spare, without risks of side-effects.

Premier quality nutrients offer far-reaching effects that go far beyond ordinary supplements. They are especially useful to people who want extra insurance against a health problem for which they may have a greater-than-average risk – a family history, perhaps, or previous exposure to environmental toxins (in certain higher risk occupations).

The Light Eaters

Nobel Prize laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgi once said, “We live bey a small trickle of electricity from the sun.” The human body essentially acts as a living battery – continually absorbing energized photons from the atmosphere and food.

The miracle of photosynthesis transforms the sun’s light frequencies into green plants, trees, grasses and medicinal herbs -which when consumed, release nutrients and multiple light frequencies into the human body. In addition, as humans we directly absorb light energies from the sun into our bodies.

As one scientist aptly noted: “Humans are light eaters.” Premier quality nourishment must accomplish two tasks:


  • It must allow assimilation of the full spectrum of this light bio-energy throughout the body to compensate for daily QEB losses caused by environmental toxicity and life’s stresses.
  • It must couple this light bio-energy with living nutrients that are rapidly absorbed and assimilated into the cells of our bodies.


More than 97% of currently marketed nutritional supplements are void of this “light” bio-energy and typically contain synthetic (man-made) nutrition as well as stress-inducing toxins (excipients, fillers, etc.), instead of living food nourishment! These chemicalized supplements can stimulate chemical energy in the body but they deplete quantum energy. Over time, taking chemicalized supplements ages the body faster.

But here’s the real danger

When we stimulate our bodies through chemicalized, “dead” supplements, improper foods, and medical drugs, we actually deplete nutrients and electrons needed to protect us from the chaotic and unhealthy conditions of our modern world, and we suppress the potential of our QEB.

Stealing from the body

A simple example of this would be eating processed white sugar as opposed to obtaining sugar in a natural form, such as from fruit. Fruit naturally contains a whole spectrum of synergistic nutrients needed to metabolize the fruit’s sugar – but the processes sugar lacks these complex, synergistic nutrients.

In fact, white sugar is not even classified as a food because it contains no vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. When the body eats white sugar, it must “borrow” the necessary co-factors from its own storage sites in order to metabolize the sugar – which over time, can cause serious deficiencies elsewhere in the body.

Ascorbic Acid: A Villain in Disguise?

Another simple example is ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is not vitamin C. Its chemical structure is similar to vitamin C, but real vitamin C actually refers to an entire complex of naturally occurring cofactors and synergists (and factors yet discovered!). When you consume natural vitamin C (for example from an orange), all the cofactors and complex synergists are naturally available for your body to metabolize that food and absorb the vitamin C.

In contrast, if you consume ascorbic acid (which has no cofactors), then in order to metabolize it, your body must steal the needed cofactors elsewhere from your body’s tissues. At first, taking ascorbic acid may seem to help you feel better, but over time, your body can start becoming badly depleted of essential substrates. The answer is to return to Nature’s wisdom and consume once-living whole-food nutrients.

Activate Your QEB

When you harness the miraculous healing powers of your body’s own QEB, you can activate your own innate healing system to much greater heights, including boosting your immune system so it can fight infections with more vigor and strength. Each of our cells vibrates with energy because of its crystal-like membrane structures that resonate to different light energies or frequencies of biophotons (See work of Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, a noted German biophysicist who has extensively studied the biophotonic nature of the body.)

The nutrients in premier quality nutrients and whole foods can be absorbed deeply into each cell where they are able to quickly energize the cell’s functions with healthy resonant frequencies, thus enhancing the bio-availability of nutrients, accelerating enzyme functions and riving the regenerative functions into high gear.

The Body’s Quantum Biofield

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) provides specific tools for precisely identifying the hierarchy of what is taking place in the human body. The new paradigm in quantum bio-energetics has proven that the body’s biofield is preeminent over all the body’s biochemical processes (as shown in decades of German biophotonic research by Dr. Fritz Popp et al.; see references). This explains why even extensive treatment interventions on the biochemical level can often provide only minimal help for chronically ill patients.

For rapid clinical resolution of even the worst cases, specific evaluation of the body’s biofield is essential. QRA provides efficient analysis for all types of cases and is especially helpful for more complicated cases where a weakened or disordered physiology has created a resistant symptom picture.

Fast Recovery from Chronic Illness

QRA offers a simply applied assessment tool that quickly unveils the core issues in organ/gland deficiency and immunological unresponsiveness. QRA is based on empirical observations in the quantum energy domain of life. The emerging field of quantum physics and quantum bio-energetics explains that complex, interwoven, bio-energy fields govern the human body (classically called the acupuncture meridian system). Similar unseen but powerful naturally occurring bio-energy fields are also present in the earth’s atmosphere and crust which helps dictate the cellular resonance and health of all living organisms residing within these fields.

The state of the body’s quantum energy biofield is the key factor in the body’s organ/gland hierarchy that determines how fast a person is able to heal or recover from an illness, trauma or an infection. The concept of the body’s biofield is based on scientific evidence on electrical conductivity, functional magnetic resonance imaging, and infrared imaging.

By relying on the brain’s proprioceptive feedback mechanisms and integrating principles of Traditional Chines Medicine (TCM), QRA identifies the proper treatment sequence of aberrant meridian system function in specific organs and systems of the body. With QRA, the body’s sophisticated biofeedback communication system provides an accurate tool for assessing the individualized pattern of functional disturbances, thereby helping the practitioner identify and eliminate the frequently hidden inducers and promoters of illness.

By defining how and why an individual’s physiology is stressed and providing the solutions to the negative health effects of these stressors, the QRA practitioner can nourish, detoxify, and energize the body on many levels.

Identifying Stress Overload

Once the stress overload has been identified, the application of appropriate therapy to support weak or deficient organs can be accomplished. QRA is based on physiological and anatomical functions regarding specific viscerosomatic and somatovisceral relationships.

Where there is a specific dysfunction in an organ (for example, the kidney), a specific related main control point will test weak (in the case of the kidney, the classical UB-23 back-shu point will test weak and is often sore upon palpation). With a simple application of QRA techniques, the barrage of faulty input can be eliminated that has been responsible for “short-circuiting” the body’s meridian and neurological circuits.

A main control point of an organ or gland may test weak for a variety of reason:


  • Faulty brain proprioceptive feedback inhibiting vagus nerve function
  • Unrecognized and detected dental foci connected to specific meridian-organ groups
  • Neurological reflex inhibition from malfunction of its related organ (jammed IF = low energy)
  • An overload of various stressors (mycotic, parasitic, viral, bacterial, heavy metals, environmental toxins, nutrient deficiencies, etc.)
  • Interference Fields (IFs) due to previous physical trauma (including scars, previous accidents, falls, puncture wounds [such as earring holes], tattoos, etc.)


Eliminating Biofield Chaos with QCI

QCI (Quantum Coherence Integration Technique), an integral part of QRA, allows rapid identification of elimination of Ifs (interference fields). IFs induce chaos in the body’s biofield. Chaos in the biofield is now the new definition of aging. Because of QCI’s ability to help rapidly eliminate chaos in the biofield, it is considered to be one of the premier, new anti-aging technologies – simple to learn, easy to use and can be applied at any location.

Without the use of QRA (and QCI) to eliminate biofield chaos (and thus retire patency of whole body meridian flow), patients may require large amounts of nutritional supplements which may often provide an ever-decreasing symptom control (because restoration of proper biofield energetics/circulation is NOT being addressed).

With the pinpoint precision of QRA (and QCI), the IFs can be rapidly identified and eliminated – thus requiring the individual to take fewer supplements with far greater effects (because the body’s bio-absorption ability has been greatly enhanced). Thus, smaller amounts of supplements can then provide far greater – even spectacular results – than ever thought possible.

Clearing Emotional Trauma with ERT

Other causes of weakened main control points may be emotional trauma or negative mental concepts. ERT, the Emotional Repolarization Technique, is an integral part of the QRA analysis, where rapid assessment of mind-body interactions are analyzed. ERT helps the practitioner quickly determine if emotional trauma or negative mental concepts are keeping an organ/gland system weak and if so, how to rapidly eliminate it via ERT protocols.
ERT is a simple but dramatic methodology of finding and clearing blocked organ/gland control points (i.e. front “mu” and back “shu” points) associated with LECs (limbic emotional complexes) which are associated with abnormal emotional responses to life’s stressful events.

LECs prevent the body’s biofield (including normal meridian flow) from returning to its normal governing capacity. Modified O-Ring Muscle Testing (originally discovered by Dr. Y. Omura), key organ/gland points (identified by traditional acupuncture points) and semantic reactions (physiological reactions to memories or key words) assist in revealing a specific negative emotion and its effect on the body’s biofield.

Once a LEC is identified, QRA uses a specific reintegration process to clear it, allowing the body to return to appropriate physical and emotional homeostasis.

Identifying “Short Circuits”

Some recalcitrant symptoms and immunological unresponsiveness are often multi-leveled, involving all organs, glands, and systems of the body, QRA helps readily identify the “short circuits” and where they are overloaded from stressors.

When the cause(s) of a circuit overload are identified and removed from the body and nutritional status is replenished, these bio-circuits (meridian flow) are able to return to normal function and bio-energy circulation.

In turn, the organ/glands (and their intricate interactions with nerve and immune systems) are also able to return to normal status, becoming highly responsive and reactive to microbial invaders and other stressors.

Many alternative or traditional treatments are often embarrassingly simplistic and completely fail to address the imbalances in the body’s quantum biofield energetics.

Many practitioners often simply overlook or do not have the expertise to assess the imbalances of a fragmented bio-energetic biofield and instead, direct their therapy to the patient’s most pressing, immediate concerns (i.e. such as a painful area).

Instead, QRA departs from fragmented, analytical thinking, and approaches the boy with unique, multi-levels assessment techniques and proven clinical answers – to allow the complete healing of the body at the root cause of the illness.

Clinically, a consistent, direct association exists between accumulated toxins, oxidative stress levels and blocked meridian bio-energetics of the body. Clinical decisions – based on empirical observations and common sense inferences – lead to the obvious conclusion: the body’s bio-energetic anatomy needs to be cleared from the segmenting interferences of various stressors. By clearing the stressors and eliminating deficiencies of each patient the practitioner can “switch on” multiple bio-energetic and metabolic pathways that give the patient a new, enhanced metabolic freedom and healing resiliency – even in today’s toxic environment.

Evaluating Clinical Success

Single patient outcome studies – in which each patient is considered his/her own control (by identifying the patient’s initial symptomology/clinical test values vs. ending symptomology/test values after treatment) – can go far beyond clinical trials in detecting true clinical efficacy. Because each person is unique and has their own peculiar imbalances, there can be no single clinical protocol that provides effective help for all people. Therefore, information gained from clinical trials is limited in its application.

Understanding the known facts of biochemistry, physics, and molecular biology is extremely valuable. However, also applying the science of quantum bio-energetics can help reveal the entire clinical picture for each patient and resolve problems where standard techniques have failed.

Thousands of scientific studies published on meridian bio-energetics can help us understand the true nature of human biofields and their biophotonic nature. In addition, thousands of research studies on whole nutrients, including herbs, phytochemicals and botanical medicines, prove that they provide significant health benefits and are essential in nourishing the body to provide the best bio-energetic meridian circulation.

A combination of single-case controlled studies, science and multidisciplinary knowledge can provide practitioners with information needed to make intelligent clinical decisions as chronic illness in the 21st century becomes more and more complex and resistant to treatment.

Decades of Research

QRA was developed after three decades of correlating electrodermal biofeedback measurements on acupoints, kinesiological testing, assessment of brain proprioceptive patterns and advanced nutritional research.

To mee the health challenges of the future, QRA was designed to permit rapid and accurate screening of stressors and identification of hidden blockages and functional deficits in patients, especially those with chronic symptoms and immunological unresponsiveness.

Detecting stress factors such as xenobiotics, xenoestrogens, mycotoxins, radiolytic chemicals, allergens, deficiency states, etc. and making clinical-effective nutritional corrections are essential for assessment of each individual and can be performed within a few minutes.

This method of assessment is reliable, reproducible, clinically effective, and scientifically valid as it is based on the scientific principles of known facts of human physiology and quantum cellular resonance.



This article was reprinted from Premier Research Labs’s Quantum Reflex Analysis training manual. Quantum Reflex Analysis is born out of the technique of Applied Kinesiology.

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  • Robert Browne June 11, 2014, 2:46 pm

    Wow. This is quite an interesting and emerging field. It is exciting to see that we are beginning to have resources and modalities available so that people can start to take the healing processes back to how they should be, ..natures innate ability coupled with a keen knowledge of how to support that!

  • Dr. Larsen June 11, 2014, 9:37 pm

    Thank you Robert! Yes, it is great to see. I agree. Ancient knowledge coupled with modern technology.

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