Stress Response Evaluations – Neurologically Based Chiropractic

Stress affects your body in many ways, and in this time in history, most of them aren’t good.

Your body reacts to a perceived threat with what’s called a stress response. This activates the sympathetic nervous system, which increases your heart rate, constricts your arteries and releases adrenaline in preparation for a fight or flight scenario.

With our non-stop lifestyle, this stress response is inaproriately kicked into high gear and for longer than necessary, making this situation chronic. Chronic stress puts the heart in a state of constant stimulation, which is very unhealthy.

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The physical signs of stress overload are:

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  • dizziness
  • insomnia
  • racing heart
  • stomach/digestive problems
  • exhaustion
  • ringing in the ears
  • chronic pain
  • any chronic disease

Behavioral signs are:

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  • compulsive eating
  • increased use of alcohol or drugs
  • withdrawal
  • explosive temper

Mental signs are:

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  • worry
  • forgetfulness
  • inability to concentrate
  • negative thinking
  • nervousness
  • depression


None of these signs go into the positive column and they are warnings to make some changes.

Fortunately with advances in technology we can now measure the body’s stress response. Larsen Wellness Center is the only clinic in the area that is offering Neurofininiti Stress Response Evaluations (SRE) as a marker of stress and progress throughout treatment.

A SRE is a pain-free neurophysiologic examination using cutting edge technology to evaluate how a patient’s nervous system handles stressful situations and its ability to regain a non-stressed state.

The test takes 15 to 20 minutes in which you are guided through a series of exercises while you are connected to the equipment.

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The measurements the equipment is taking include:

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  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • EEG (brainwave activity)
  • sEMG (muscle contraction)
  • Skin Conductance (how sweaty your hands get)
  • Hand Temperature


Using all of these measurements, the Neuroinfiniti is capable of giving a very accurate report on the state of the patient’s nervous system. Absolutely nothing is going in to your body, the computer and sensors are merely analyzing how your body is responding throughout the test.

There is simply nothing else like it on the market today.

So what does the SRE tell us?

It tells us the state of your nervous system! Look at the chart below and get a feel for where you are at. If you are anywhere besides in the green box your body (your nervous system) is trying to tell you something!


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