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Thoughts Are Things

I have been telling many of you about all kinds of exciting research that has been done.  And, I have been promising a post with more interesting facts.  So, here you go.

There have been thousands of documented scientific tests that validate that conscious intention has a direct effect on your life.  However, none have been more dramatic as this one.  In 1995 French researcher Rene Peoch wanted to see if day-old baby chicks could affect random events.

He dressed a random event generator (REG) up like a chicken.  A REG is a sophisticated coin-toss machine.  It is designed so that if there are 50,000 events (such as a coin toss), the machine will respond 25,000 one way (tails) and 25,000 the other way (heads).  The more events in the experiment, the closer this number is to 50-50.

The REG dressed up as a chicken was introduced to the day-old baby chicks.  These chicks bonded with the machine as if it was their mother.  This machine was only capable of turning left or right.  So, they sent the REG down a long hallway in which there were baby chicks on only one side.  The chicks could see the machine coming and would chirp as long as the machine was in sight.

At the end of the trials, the results were tallied.  In seventy-five percent of the cases the machine turned toward the baby chicks, while turning away only 25 percent of the time.  This may not sound like much, but this is huge!  That is a major and very significant deviation from randomness.  The baby chicks were literally effecting how the machine operated with only their conscious intent.  If day-old baby chicks can have that kind of impact on a machine, imagine what we are capable of with our brains!

So what does all this mean?

Your thoughts literally affect reality!!!!
There is nothing wish-washy about it with thousands of experiments proving it.

Here is a quote from Harvard-trained physicist Larry Farwell:

“Given the results of scientific research, the conclusion that consciousness creates the physical universe through the process of observation is inescapable.”

He is saying that what we think about creates the material universe.

So….. If you identify with your problems, or even label anything as a problem, you can only invite more problems into your life, because you are constantly focused on…… problems.

The healing system I use forces me not to look at any person as having problems, no matter what disease they may have.  To do so only gives more power to the “problem”.  Let me ask you this, ever since we started calling things the war on “drugs”, or “cancer”, or “terrorism”, or “AIDS” have we gotten more or less drugs, cancer, terrorism and aids?

The answer is obvious.  Much more.

Our thoughts are on the very things we are trying to get rid of.  So, when you come in for a treatment in my office, the connection I make with you is not one of – make problems go away, or even trying to fix anything, but one of maximum potential and growth.  When we do this, we open ourselves up to the possibility of tremendous miracles.

Mother Theresa said she would never show up at an anti-war rally.  If they formed a peace rally she would be there.  She intuitively knew how the universe operates.

I hope this discussion has opened your eyes a little more.  There are so many exciting things to talk about.
As always, I love to hear your feedback!

Have a fantastic day!

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