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Top 10 Thyroid Tests You Need

Wow, the sheer size of the thyroid epidemic is upon us. Some estimates say that 90% of men and women age 40 and up have subclinical hypothyroidism (low thyroid).

The trend is very alarming, and when I run blood tests on my patients I consistently find that they thyroid hormones are either high or low.

So why doesn’t your medical doctor find this?

A few reasons…

1. Their lab values are too wide. What they consider normal is not really normal.

2. They just don’t run enough of the right tests.

In this following video I go into detail about this. Be forewarned, I get kind of passionate about these topics sometimes.


Because people just like yourself are leading lives of quiet desperation wondering what on earth is wrong. They ask…

“Why don’t I feel well?”

“Is this what aging feels like?”

“Why am I so tired all the time?”

“Why can’t I get pregnant, even though my friends can? What is wrong with me?”

“How can I be freezing all the time, but my lab work says I am normal?”

Your labs test are normal, yet you don’t FEEL normal!

Time to do something different!

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