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What is the Source of Low Hormones?

We are in the hormone craze. Low T. Low Thyroid, etc., etc.

But what is REALLY the cause of hormone disturbance? Shouldn’t we be looking a little deeper into WHY people are getting hormone imbalances?

When I drive down the road, I see billboards for hormones. When I happen to read any newspaper, I see ads for hormone replacements, Low T, etc. And the same goes for the good old TV.

More hormones.

But still, none of them are talking about anything other than the actual hormones themselves. Listen, we are designed to function at a very high level throughout life.

Aging is NOT supposed to crash your hormones. Not at all. Yet, that is the excuse I hear all the time from patients. Their medical doctors have told them they are just getting older.



Anyway, I made a quick video on hormones. Check it out…

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