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Applied Kinesiology and the Triad of Health

There has never been a point in my career as a doctor that I have not used the principles of Applied Kinesiology or the Triad of Health.

It’s the foundation from which everything builds.

There are certain things that happen to people throughout their lives. While modern medicine’s diagnosis are mostly symptom descriptions and therefore treated at symptomatic levels, the true holistic physician looks at the whole person, and the true underlying causes.

Here is What Happens To People:

  • Structural
      • Spinal Subluxation
      • Extraspinal Subluxation
      • Soft Tissue Injury
      • Cranial
      • Disc
      • Aberrant Tissue (Scar Tissue, etc.)
      • Trauma (Fractures, etc.
  • Chemical
      • Allergy, Autoimmune, pH
      • Infection
      • Metabolic Toxicity (Disease With Cell Changes)
      • Tissue Degeneration
      • Toxicity (Poisoning)
      • Functional Deficiency (Nutrition)
  • Electromagnetic/ Emotional
      • Shock (Major Trauma – Could Be Birth Trauma)
      • Lifestyle Limitations
      • Cell Functioning Limitation Due to Energy Flow Blockages


When you get down to it, these are the most basic things that happen to people. If we are going to restore robust health, we need to deal with each of these potential issues.

The problem is that modern medicine does not deal with most of what is on this list to any degree (except maybe trauma).

Let me give you an example…

You see under the Chemical section above there is something called Infection. You would think that modern medicine is really good at this…

…and they are, BUT

as holistic practitioners we find subclinical infections in our patients ALL THE TIME.

In fact, it’s one of the most common things I find in patients who have virtually any type of complaint. Microbes such as parasites, fungus, bacteria, virus, etc. take up shop in our bodies and disrupt our immune systems.

One of the first things I do with my chronic patients is help them with their immune systems, and their ability to fight off these subclinical infections.

Miraculous changes are usually to be had.

Often times within the first several weeks.

Let’s look at another category. Under Structural it says Cranial.

This is probably one of the most fun categories that an Applied Kinesiology based chiropractor will deal with.


Because again, we can make such profound changes to people whose cranial vaults are locked up and not moving appropriately.

The skull absolutely needs to move. Without proper motion of the skull, the brain cannot process properly, and the correct nutrients don’t bathe the brain, and the toxins have a harder time getting out.

Cranial bone motion is one of the most primitive needs our bodies have.

And let me tell you, I have had some pretty amazing things happen when I adjust cranial bones.

Read about one of the most bizarre experiences I have ever had right here.

That person’s life changed in an instant, but does modern medicine even acknowledge that cranial bones move?


So, therefore, they can do nothing about it.

Another favorite of mine is under the Chemical category again, and that’s Toxicity.

Wow, again, modern medicine really drops the ball on this one.

The amount of metals and chemicals I am finding in my patients bodies is astounding. And age doesn’t matter. I have seen some severe toxicity in 3 year old kids.

Even I had higher levels of lead than normal, and I have been doing some detoxification for a number of years now.

If you want to see what my personal test looks like, go here…

My test is definitely NOT the worst I have ever seen, but it’s still not optimal either.  Again, medically they drop the ball here also.

So there you have it…

Applied Kinesiology coupled with the Triad of Health is the starting point for any good holistic physician. It’s the roadmap that allows us to get such great results with our patients.

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