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Dr. Brant’s Personal Heavy Metal Test Results

Sometimes the skeptics of our society just blow me away.

It’s interesting. I was on the internet last night doing some surfing. I decided to look up a colleague of mine and see how he was doing since I haven’t seen him since the day we graduated.

What I found stunned me.

I found a few articles bashing him for his stance on vaccinations, but the topic of this article is toxicity. This person was bashing him for recommending detoxification products that help support the body in removing the harmful chemicals in our bodies. He said he was just trying to sell snake oil!

He further went on to state that “alternative” practitioners are basically crazy. That we don’t have any proof that this “toxicity” is building up in the body, and that our methods for helping the body detoxify also don’t have any merit whatsoever and that it’s not based on science.

Needless to say I got quite a laugh.

No proof?


Now to be fair to the blogger, this colleague of mine is not very well trained in nutrition and doesn’t have near the knowledge or the protocols that we have (I’m not bashing him either, he has done great things in his community, his focus has just been more with chiropractic!). And he doesn’t do the testing that we do to prove what is happening. So really, he didn’t have much to back it up on that end.


the evidence and proof of how toxic people are, is definitely out there.

And today, I am going to show you MY heavy metal test.

My health status has dramatically improved over the last 10 plus years, but I still have some nagging allergy symptoms if I don’t take care of my self absolutely perfectly.

I exercise, get regular chiropractic care, eat organic, take top-quality supplements, and help my body detoxify, but if I falter just a little bit from this schedule, my immune system starts to get out of whack and if the season is right BAM – allergies.

I knew there was something deeper that I had not addressed.

So, I did a urine heavy metal test….

Well there you have it. You see the lead is higher than it should be? It’s not terrible, but it’s not good either.

And keep this in mind…

This test is not perfect! No chemical or metal toxicity test is. It would take biopsies of different organs to see what is actually bound up in the tissues. Mercury gets bound up in the brain. No test can determine the actual level of mercury in the brain, but the urine heavy metal test is the best we have.

And lead?

Lead gets stored in the bones.

I have many more of these tests on patients with FAR WORSE levels than I have.

It seems that lead is an epidemic. If somebody has a chronic problem, can’t lose weight, their thyroid is not functioning right, diabetes, etc., I immediately suspect a heavy metal and lead is one of them along with mercury that is at the top of the list.

So you want proof?

Oh we have proof alright.

 People today are sick. Their kids are sick. And NOBODY is running the right tests.

I was on the phone last week from somebody in California. This woman is very sick from living in a moldy home. We got to the part where we started talking about heavy metals (most people have multiple toxicities happening at one time).

She said she already had a heavy metal test and nothing showed up. So, my first question was “What kind of test was run?”

You see, there is a right one and a wrong one.

She unfortunately had the wrong one and since that time has never addressed heavy metal toxicity.

By the way, the wrong test is a blood test. This is the standard test that a medical doctor will run, but what they fail to realize is that this test only tests for ACUTE exposure.

NOT long term chronic storage in the tissues, organs, glands, etc.

And that is what is really important. It’s what is being stored in the body that counts.

Now, before you go running out and trying to detoxify from metals, let me just say that there are very specific protocols to do this correctly. And each person needs to have their program tailored for them.

Honestly, this is NOT something to be messing around with.

I am all for giving the body cleansing and detoxification support on a general level, but when it comes to targeting certain metals like lead or mercury, you need to know what you are doing. There are a lot of products on the market claiming to get rid of metals.

Don’t bother with them.

Do it right.

This is your life we are talking about.

Oh, and by the way, another excellent method of screening if somebody is heavy metal toxic is by using a Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) test. To learn more about it just click the link.

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