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Sometimes I Just Wonder

My family and I had a great day yesterday.

We picked fresh vegetables from the garden and got quite the stash.

Dinner last night was excellent.

We had fresh green beans, fresh raw milk straight from the farm, and we made homemade pizza’s with stone ground wheat crust and fresh peppers, and onions from the garden.

You just can’t beat it.

It makes me wonder what it was like back when everything was fresh.

You didn’t have to read labels at the grocery store and try to drive around looking for a decent restaurant, wasting your time.

Just this morning I was watching a video of a chiropractic mentor of mine, who was born in Switzerland.

He is over there right now with his family and decided to shoot a video from up in the mountains.

They had gone for a hike up to a restaurant on the top of the mountain.

It made me want to hop on a plane right then and fly over there.

They had fresh whipped cream from cows that were milked that morning, who have only grazed their entire life eating grass and herbs.

The cream was raw.

No, it wasn’t pasteurized so all the life-giving ingredients that god put in there were destroyed.

It was whole and fresh.

The way it’s supposed to be.

Can you imagine consuming food everyday that is so vibrant and alive?

What do you think you would feel like?

Why do we have to make it so darn hard in America?

We destroy everything. We heat the heck out of it. We put all kinds of crazy chemicals into everything.

Over 87,000 chemicals right now!

And only 200 have ever been tested!

And since 1990, only 5 have been banned!

I mean, come on. No wonder our children are expected to have a shorter life span than their parents.

Yes, for the first time in history, our children are expected to have shorter life spans.

It’s so sad.

And here I watch one of my colleagues, over in Europe, eating some of the best food you can possibly imagine.

Over here I have to teach you to read labels. Teach you to stop putting chemicals into your body.

Teach you that in America it’s all about marketing.

You have been duped.

Food that has powerful ingredients, is fresh, and is “healthy” tastes way better than the chemical junk we get here in America.

One of the best parts of my job is to watch people’s bodies come alive again once they start getting good nutrients in.

It’s really quite amazing to watch.

The eyes are brighter.

The posture is straighter.

And there is this glow that just can’t be described.

It’s a vibration. Everything in this world vibrates. It’s Quantum Physics at its finest.

Our cells are powerful vibration machines. Get powerful nutrients in the cells and they vibrate something fierce.

Put chemical junk in them, and they start to slow down.

And people can sense this.

Within days of being on our nutritional systems, many people start to get compliments

Nothing visible has even happened yet

But people are picking up that SOMETHING is different.

And that something is the vibration of the cells.

The person is becoming alive once again.

And when you are alive again, and can see clearly, and have a brain that fires on all cylinders again….

…that magnificent life of yours takes on new meaning.

So keep reading labels.

Keep learning how to prepare meals the way they

were supposed to be prepared.

Make good choices one by one.

And incorporate a solid cellular cleansing and replenishing system into your daily routine.

Your cells are itching to come alive again and they can’t do it without your help.


Dr. Brant

P.S. Eating “good food” in our country just isn’t possible anymore, which is why I whole heartedly recommend getting on a solid cellular cleansing and replenishing program.

Maybe someday we will fix the problem, but for now give your cells some love!

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